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Cherry picker that works at heights and can be hired

Repairing damage caused by storm force winds

Storm force winds had displaced the lead flashing on a structure on the roof of my garage. A number of roofers quoted ‘silly money’ for what I considered to be a relatively simple job. In comparison, I thought Jules’s quote was more reasonable (just the standard call-out fee). Jules turned up at the agreed time, and agreed to take me up on the platform so that I could assess the integrity of the underlying wooded structure. It appears the original builders attached the lead by hammering it into position (I’m surprised it lasted 20 years). Jules re-attached the lead with adhesive and screws for extra measure. The whole job was completed in less than 15 minutes. In addition to his ‘cherry picker’ skills, Jules appears to be a highly competent general handyman. I very seldom give more than 9 out of 10, or 4 out of 5; thinking that no matter how good a service is, there is usually some room for improvement; but in this case, I think Jules Total Access warrants the full 5 stars. I would have no hesitation in using him again.

Ore Place Resident. October 2022

Chimney rebuild

We were happy to complete another paint job for a front and rear elevation of a building. With two coats of paint on the masonry and two undercoats and two top coats to the door. This included making good to the rendering to the elevation of the wall front and back. To remove old blown render where necessary to the firewall and chimney stack.

As can be seen, the chimney was in a poor condition and the whole off the top of the chimney had to be rebuilt. The before and after speaks for itself.

Replacing a chimney flue

Once again partnering other businesses to assist with their work. On this occasion, working with the Sussex Stoveman in replacing a chimney flue.

Even with tight access, there was no need for scaffolding for the work to be carried out.

A cracked chimney flue left unrepaired can wreak havoc on a home’s chimney system,
potentially leading to a dangerous gas leakage seeping into the home.

Cleaning exterior of windmill

We were called again to support the cleaning of windmill in Battle. Using our cherry picker, we work with a local cleaning company. As you can see, the windmill looks outstanding.

If you need this type of work completed to a high standard then contact us and we will liaise with them. If you need just our services to support, we can always accommodate.

Chimney repair

When called out to repair chimney stacks a common problem is eroded pointing. In itself this may not sound too serious, but if neglected it will hasten the onset of more serious problems such as instability, water penetration and even disintegration. In the case with this job loose flaunching needs to be completely hacked off and replaced with a suitable mortar mix, waterproofed and carefully moulded so it slopes outwards to disperse rainwater.

We also repaired the flashing down the side of the chimney with the mortar mix.